Prussian Napoleonic Infantry, Schutzen rifleman
( set 12 )

PN 21 Officer drawn sword, pointing with left hand. PN 22 Hornist running forward with musket on trail. PN 23 Standing firing. PN 24 Kneeling firing. PN 25 Standing loading biting cartridge. PN 26 Kneeling loading and reaching into a cartridge pouch. PN 28 Charging fixed bayonet. PN 29 Fallen wounded, shako and rifle separate.        ...

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prussian landwehr
( set 8 )

Prussian landwehr, with frock coats and distinctive caps.     PN 11 Officer advancing with drawn sword. PN 12 N.C.O. advancing with pike. PN 13 Hornist advancing with musket at trail. PN 14 Standing firing with a fixed bayonet. PN 15 Kneeling firing with a fixed bayonet. PN 16 Loading with a rammer. PN 17 Lying wounded. PN 18 Charging with bayonet...

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