Napoleonic Figures

Napoleonic figures
Napoleonic Figures

A well-marshalled army is like a human machine, with every part and component fulfilling its intended role in order to achieve a common goal. And while modern warfare represents great leaps of progress in terms of technology and strategy, there are many for whom the concept of battlefield conflict – with the combatants arrayed like the pieces on a chessboard, awaiting orders – holds a unique appeal. And there can be few figures from history who mastered the science of the battlefield like the Emperor Napoleon.
At Alexander’s Toy Soldiers, we stock an extensive inventory of Napoleonic figures. These 54mm hand painted figures capture the essence of the times, with incredible levels of detail. All major powers of this turbulent period are represented, with special attention given to representing the types of combatants which would have been decisive in the prominent battles of the time. A few of the categories are mentioned below.
British forces Napoleonic figures include 88th Regiment officers, charging with a sword or with a musket. Other 88th Regiment soldiers include NCO figures, a drummer, and infantry. The infantry 88th Regiment Napoleonic figures include a soldier standing firing, a soldier kneeling firing, a soldier falling wounded, a soldier engaged in hand to hand combat, and a soldier charging with a musket.
Other British Napoleonic figures are from the 95th Regiment, the Coldstream Guards, the Gordon Highlanders and the 44th Foot Regiment. The 7th Fusiliers, 60th Rifles and 20th Foot Regiment are also represented. The Royal Marines and Royal Navy Napoleonic figures may be of particular interest to those who find military history fascinating. The figures of wounded soldiers are particularly touching, including the lying wounded man and the wounded man taking a drink. Other special figures are the Sergeant removing a wounded man from the line, the two drummers carrying a wounded officer, the Drum Major carrying a wounded Junior Ensign, and the Pioneer opening an ammunition box.
Cavalry were often a decisive force in battles during the Napoleonic wars, so the British Cavalry category of Napoleonic figures is well represented. Napoleonic figures on this list include riders from the Dragoons, the 10th Hussars, the Lifeguards and a Coldstream Guards Colonel in full dress. Also represented are Wellington, William Prince of Orange, and Lord Ponsonby, all looking fine and stately in the saddle.
There are a similar number of French Napoleonic figures on the pages dedicated to those forces, so anyone looking to recreate the Battle of Waterloo in their own living room should be well catered for. Of course, continued for over ten years and involved many nations, so those interested in completeness will be pleased to find Prussian, Austrian and Russian troops too.
Some of the most interesting Napoleonic models in the line-up are the Royal Navy gun boats and rocket boats, which would make fine dioramas when floated on a sea of resin. For more information on Napoleonic figures or any of our other products, please get in touch with Alexander’s Toy Soldiers today.