Crimean War Figures

Crimean war figures
Crimean War Figures

The Crimean War marked a turning point between traditional and modern warfare in many ways. It was the first major conflict to be extensively documented by writers and photographers, which in turn led to pressure from an informed public at home becoming a factor in military decisions for the first time. The war was notorious for its pointless loss of life due to poor communication and mismanagement by leaders, with descriptions such as "notoriously incompetent international butchery" being commonly found throughout historical accounts. Few leading Crimean War figures escape unscathed from the critical analysis to which the events have been subjected.
On the other hand, humanitarian progress was being made during the period. One of the most well known Crimean War figures, Florence Nightingale, became an icon and established a legacy which continues to this day as the founder of modern nursing. The professionalization of nursing for women which she achieved has played a major part in not only military history, but also in the women’s rights movement and hence in modern society as a whole.
One of the most remarkable things about Nightingale’s efforts was that she went to the front line in this most grisly of conflicts as a volunteer, with a group of women she had trained herself, in response to the horrific reports she had read. By making basic changes, for example in hygiene and living conditions for the wounded, she was able to vastly reduce the mortality rate.
Anyone wishing to create models and dioramas linked to the events of the Crimean War will be spoilt for choice when it comes to hand painted Crimean War figures available from Alexander’s Toy Soldiers. Thanks to the advanced (for the time) reporting which went on during the conflict, far more is known about the actions, histories and backgrounds of some of the notable combatants than was the case in military actions which occurred only a few years earlier. Our finely crafted models seek to accurately portray many of the key figures of the day, as well as a wide variety of rank and file soldiers to add context to any scene or diorama.
Named Crimean War figures include:
Sgt Frederick Short of the 4th Light Dragoons, who was awarded the DCM.
Cornet Archibald Cleveland of the 17th Lancers, exchanged from the 7th Dragoon guards in 1852.
Private James Webster, one of the more fortunate Crimean War figures, survived the charge of the Light Brigade unscathed.
Cpl James Nunnerely, who was enlisted into the 17th Lancers in 1847, and promoted to Sergeant the day after the charge of the Light Brigade. This is an action scene showing the Cpl engaging in hand-to-hand combat with a Russian Gunner.
Corporal Thomas Morley of the 17th Lancers. Charged in the first line of the 17th.
Unnamed British Crimean War figures include various infantry and cavalry, officers and regimental colours. Russian Crimean War figures are also for sale.
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