English Civil War Figures

English civil war figures
English Civil War Figures

There is something uniquely tragic about a conflict during which compatriots and former allies turn on each other, often against their will, in mortal combat. The phrase ‘civil war’ tends to sanitise such events and make them sound like a natural part of a nation’s growth, yet three and a half centuries after the conclusion of the English Civil War, the hostilities continue to represent an emotive issue for many. For these ones, English Civil War figures such as King Charles I and Oliver Cromwell are more than just historical characters, they are representative of political ideals and stand for great social movements which shaped the lives of English subjects at the time.
Beyond reading historical commentaries and visiting museums, there is little we can do today to better understand what life was like for ordinary people caught up in such situations. However, by studying key English Civil War figures it is possible to gain insight into the individuals and events which had the major roles in shaping the nation at the time, and in many ways in making England what it is today.
Battles and military actions are central elements in any such study. Therefore, re-creating battlefields in miniature is an effective way of understanding historical events as they are recorded, and of demonstrating them to others. With hand painted English Civil War figures from Alexander’s Toy Soldiers, making scenes and dioramas from historical conflicts becomes a fascinating and rewarding pastime, and such models can be endowed with more realism than you might think. Many hobbyists like to create scenes using scenery and backdrops made from specialist modelling materials of common household items. We also sell English Civil War artillery positions which can be used in conjunction with English Civil War figures to envisage historical situations.
While rank-and-file soldiers will occupy most of the battlefield in any historical layout, there are certain English Civil War figures which are likely to be present in many large scale re-creations. Products inspired by specific historical characters include the following:
King Charles with Colonel Richard Willys, a standing / bowing double figure.
King Charles Personal Standard. The King’s Standard bearer is holding a sword in his other hand.
King Charles I. The King is mounted on a white horse.
Sir Edmund Verney, Standard Bearer to King Charles, mounted on a black horse.
Prince Rupert of the Rhine, Duke of Cumberland
Two different mounted Oliver Cromwell English Civil War figures.
A double figure of Oliver Cromwell with Nathaniel Finnes.
Usually, these personality figures will form the centrepiece of any model or display illustrating these critical moments in English history. The surrounding battlefield may then be completed with other English Civil War figures including officers, sergeants, ensigns, drummers, musketeers and pikemen. There are of course a wide selection of cavalry figures from both sides to choose from too.
The English Civil War was not the only conflict to have shaped what our nation has become. Check out the Alexander’s Toy Soldiers website for figures from other theatres. For more information on English Civil War figures contact us today.