American Civil War Figures Middlesex

American civil war figures Middlesex
American civil war figures Middlesex

One of the subjects given special attention to here at Alexanders Toy Soldiers are the details surrounding the American Civil War. We model both officers and men in our range of American Civil War figures. Middlesex may be a long way from the area of battle but we give all the necessary attention to the details of our 54mm hand painted figures to enable striking dioramas to be constructed of key events in the conflict and enable modellers to produce other scenes of the life and times surrounding those momentous events.
It may seem strange to obtain American Civil War figures from Middlesex in England but with our research and manufacturing procedures we are confident that you will be satisfied with the results when you see them for yourself. Please take the time to browse the figures in our range from our Home Page or our Shop Online pages. Do take the time to review each product individually as special attention has been given to certain outstanding persons who played a part in the American Civil War and by highlighting the figures as you browse you can learn who is featured and the role that is being portrayed in the display of that character.
For example, in the Prelude to Chancellorsville set we have Generals Lee, Jackson and Stuart consulting a map in order to coordinate their forces for the upcoming conflict due to be fought the following day. We have a model of Custer saving his personal banner at the Battle of Five Forks. Also included is a small diorama in honour of Doctor Mary Edwards Walker who, as the first female surgeon to serve in the US Army is also the only woman to receive the Congressional Medal of honour for her care of the wounded during the conflict and another is a depiction of a regimental artist in the Confederate army adding the latest battle honours to the regimental flag, proudly watched by the officers and men. Attention is also given to what is, perhaps, the most famous engagement of the war at the town of Gettysburg where, at the beginning of July 1863, Confederate General Lee met the forces of Major General Meade in a battle that saw the worst casualty rate of the whole war. Major General George Pickett’s assault on Union forces is depicted in three sets and there are three sets of the defending Union troops under the command of Buford and Chamberlain featuring Buford’s cavalry.
Using your imagination, you can mix and match the American Civil War figures that we produce and dispatch from Middlesex to recreate your own personal piece of history that you are aware of from your research or reading of history, or you can construct your own piece of historical fiction from your imagination. In either case your diorama will be a realistic representation of the times with the use of our American Civil War figures. Middlesex is an ideal base for dispatch to your location. Please feel free to contact us for any further information.