54mm Hand Painted Figures Middlesex

54mm Hand painted figures Middlesex
54mm Hand painted figures Middlesex

Alexanders Toy Soldiers create, model and supply 54mm hand painted figures in Middlesex from various historical contexts and areas of interest with a gloss or matt finish according to your preference. Our gallery will give you an idea of the range and quality of the figures that we supply and from our Home Page or our Shop Online pages you will be able to select 54mm hand painted figures from a list of periods or categories according to your own special requirements.
The “Sharp” novels by Bernard Cornwall and the subsequent television adaptations have raised an enthusiastic interest in the Napoleonic wars, especially those on the Iberian Peninsula. The accuracy of the uniforms of the actors in these dramas and the battle tactics described in the novels so precisely and portrayed so vividly in enactment, have added to the enthusiasm of those who have taken an interest in this period of history. Have you ever wondered how a certain manoeuvre might have worked out? Have you ever considered a way to repel an attack? Alexanders Toy Soldiers, with their extensive range of 54mm hand painted figures in Middlesex can help in recreating accurately what you are considering and assist you in becoming your own general and tactician. By creating your own diorama of the situation you are considering you can populate it with scale models of the very troops deployed in the area that you are modelling. Or you may wish to recreate a specific scene such as an aspect of the battle of Waterloo. Officers and men are recreated in 54mm scale in accurate replicas of their uniform and equipment. View in our “Shop by Categories” section of our “Shop Online” pages.
The same is true if your interest is in the military actions fought in the United States of America. The American War of Independence and the American Civil War are both covered in our extensive range of 54mm troops as well as the assault on Quebec by British Troops scaling the Heights of Abraham in 1759. Is the young Captain Cook among those portrayed finding a route up the St Lawrence River? Native Americans are also portrayed in our 54mm hand painted figures.
The Crimean war with its famous cavalry charge, the Boar war in South Africa and the war in Sudan with its Camel Corps also find a place in our range and, if your interest is for something older the English Civil war and the Seven Years War also feature. King Henry’s troops and Roman legionaries are also available in 54mm hand painted form to construct any historical scene that you may imagine.
Special collections also feature under such categories as “Lancers” “British Empire” or “Police of the World”. Please browse our Home Page to get an overview and “About ATS UK” to find out more about 54mm hand painted figures. Middlesex provides a suitable base to manufacture and dispatch our figures in a timely way. Feel free to contact us from the link on our Home Page.