British Empire Figures Middlesex

British empire figures Middlesex
British empire figures Middlesex

Alexander’s Toy Soldiers are the people to come to for models and dioramas of military and civilian 54mm figures for you to collect or present as gifts. What is your interest? We model military troops and historical figures from various times and locations.
A category of model that we produce is British Empire Figures. Middlesex based Alexander’s Toy Soldiers have in this range models of officers and men that include examples dating back to 1900 from many of the places that made up the British Commonwealth of Nations.
In the year 1953 people were still feeling the relief at the ending of the Second World War. Rationing was no longer necessary for all items and the television set was the latest “must get” gadget. Two very notable events occurred in that year. Sir Edmund Hilary and Sherpa Tensing Norgay reached the summit of Everest on the 29th of May only days before the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II at Westminster Abbey on June 2.
Our British Empire Figures category highlights the celebration of Queen Elizabeth’s coronation with nearly 30 different sets of figures depicting Commonwealth troops and British forces and support staff that joined the festivities for this momentous occasion. Models can be found of some of the many representatives of various branches of service and of many different countries that took their place on the streets of London. From the Women’s Royal Auxiliary Air Corps and Queen Alexandra’s Royal Auxiliary Nursing Corps to the Ghurkha Pipe and Drum Ensemble and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Included are troops from New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and Nigeria among others as well as Guardsmen from British battalions and Highland regiments.
Other items that are featured in this category include twelve examples of British infantry and fusiliers as they were outfitted around the year 1910. We have soldiers from the time of National Service around the year 1957 and are pleased to include among the British Empire Figures, Middlesex Volunteers with their cycles from the year 1910.
Other depictions in this series include a marching band and a Colour Party from Gibraltar and, as an example of the dioramas and vignettes that we are able to produce, a commemorative set to mark the presentation of new colours to the Parachute Regiment, a ceremony that took place on 19th June 1998.
We will be pleased to discuss with you any ideas that you may have for the reconstruction or depiction of a scene that you would like to recreate in miniature form. We are happy to undertake any commission on your behalf to make a lasting record in small scale of the event that you would like to portray.
A look at our home page will show you the miniature figures that we regularly produce and will indicate the research that goes into our depiction of them and the standard of quality that we are proud of. Please look at our online shop and view the items individually along with the description and historical context of the specific model. Please feel free to contact us.