Crimean War Figures Edmonton

Crimean war figures Edmonton
Crimean war figures Edmonton

War gamers, collectors and diorama artists of all sorts will have often considered the artistic and historical opportunities presented by Crimean war figures. Edmonton is home to many growing collections of Crimean war figures, either as toys, historical recreations or ornaments. But why does the Crimean war hold such an interest for collectors and artists? What is it about the history and imagery of the Crimean war that captures the imagination in the way that it does? Read on for a brief look at the importance of Crimean war history and why people collect Crimean war figures.
The Crimean War
The Crimean war was a turning point in European military history, and represented a change in military organization, battlefield strategy, equipment and the way commanders thought about campaigns. The Crimean war figures in many academic discussions about the development of twentieth century campaigns and it can be said that the Crimean war was the campaign that ended the era of the grand European army. Famed for its catastrophic failures, the Crimean war figures somewhere in most lists of unsuccessful and costly campaigns.
The Crimean war figures heavily in the public imagination at this time also as increasingly fast journalism and the arrival of photographs from the front lines showed the British public the failings of the campaign and the difficulties of the troops in much clearer light than had ever been seen before. Prior to the Crimean war, the attitude of the British public was more easily controlled by Whitehall. News of gallant victories reported in dispatches and public celebrations of far-off campaigns were used to maintain an image, particularly among the recruitable classes, of honourable combat between gentlemen, fought with precision and style, with glory and medals for every man. The Crimean war brought the cold reality of campaign life to breakfast tables up and down the country, and public opinion soured. The infamous ‘charge of the light brigade’ at Baclava did nothing to aid this lack of public support, and neither did the efforts of campaigners like Florence Nightingale and the writing of William Howard Russell of The Times newspaper.
Collecting Crimean War Figures
Edmonton collectors, historians and diorama enthusiasts are fortunate to be local to Alexanders Toy Soldiers, one of the country's best suppliers of Crimean war figures. Edmonton or elsewhere, these high-quality hand painted 54mm Crimean war figures record in minute detail the people and uniforms of one of the most iconic military campaigns of the 19th century. Available in matt or gloss finish, the Crimean war figures Edmonton collectors love are ideal for dioramas, battle scene displays or war-gaming scenarios. In fact, if there is a particular scene or vignette that you would like reproduced then Alexanders Toy Soldiers can even produce the best Crimean war figures Edmonton has to offer to order and for special commissions. Whether recreating the siege of Sevastopol or just a display of military figures, make sure to get the best Crimean war figures Edmonton collectors need.